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Rhea: Active Raspberry Pi Cooler

Product image 1Rhea: Active Raspberry Pi Cooler
Product image 2Rhea: Active Raspberry Pi Cooler
Product image 3Rhea: Active Raspberry Pi Cooler

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The Techstatic active Raspberry Pi cooler is a very high performance heat sink specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi single board computer. The heat sink with the attached fan will keep temperatures low in all conditions. Temperatures are kept well below thermal throttling limits even while overclocking and at full system load. Every heat sink is CNC machined and finished by hand.


  • Custom shape: The heat sink has a custom designed shape to fit the Raspberry Pi geometry. The custom shape maximizes thermal mass and surface area while keeping the heat sink profile low.
  • Optimized for air flow: Heat sink fins are specially designed to keep the air flow at an optimal level with the fan mounted.
  • Very low noise: Noise levels are kept low by limiting the fan speed but maintaining enough air flow for proper cooling. Fan size: 30x30x7mm
  • Custom 3D printed anti-vibration mounts for fan: are available to be used instead of the provided screws. STL files are available for at home 3D printing, or mounts can be separately ordered.
  • Accessory compatibility: Special care has been taken in order to keep the compatibility with existing accessories to a maximum. This means that all GPIOs, DSI, CSI and PoE headers can be accessed with ease.
  • CPU holding pins: Bottom of the cooler features holding pins for firm mounting on the CPU and easy positioning during installation.
  • HAT compatibility: It is possible to mount most HATs on top of the Pi by using an extra tall stacking header and corresponding standoffs. The cooler adds about 18 mm from the PCB top, so please make sure you have at least 1-2mm of space between the fan and the HAT board. Ideally 20mm or taller standoffs should be used. If a HAT is mounted, the 5V pins powering the fan needs to be relocated from the GPIO header, this however depends on your application.

Electrical hookup for fan

Connect the fan to the +5V power on the Raspberry Pi GPIO header (Pin 4, Pin 6). 


    Thermal compound

    Two types of thermal compound are available for mounting the cooler on top of the CPU:

    1. Thermal tape from 3M, provides a non permanent adhesion to the CPU but at a lower performance than the thermal adhesive counterpart. The thermal tape is included with every heat sink purchase.
    2. High performance ceramic based thermal adhesive developed in house. The thermal adhesive produces the best performance while providing a permanent mounting to the CPU. Delivered in two syringes containing 3ml adhesive in total.

    Please choose thermal compound before adding to cart.

     Supported Raspberry pi versions

    The active cooler is available for both the new Raspberry Pi 3B+, the Raspberry Pi 3B and 2B. Mounting hardware for the fan is included (4 x M2.5 screws).

    Please choose version before adding to cart. 

    ** Raspberry Pi is not included. 




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