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Anti-vibration mounts for fan

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Anti-vibration mounts for fan

These anti-vibration mounts are a great replacements for the M2.5 screws that is used to attach the 30x30x7mm fan to the Raspberry Pi active cooler. The fan is already very silent, however if one wants to reduce the noise and vibrations to a minimum, these mounts are designed to mechanically decouple the fan as much as possible from the heat sink.

3D print at home

You can download the STL file in Support -> Downloads menu if you prefer to print the mounts at home. Please make sure to use a material with higher temperature tolerances than standard PLA.

The mounts are printed at: 0.15mm layer height - 0.4mm nozzle - 0% infill - very low speed


  • 3D printed, PETG filament is used for heat tolerance and vibration dampening
  • Reduced contact area towards the heat sink compared to a screw
  • Snap- on style clip for easy fan attachment and removal
  • Stable enough for most home and industrial applications, however if the unit is used in a non vibration free environment, attachment using screws are preferred
Adds 0.5mm - 1mm to the height of the cooler, please make sure to take this into consideration when mounting into a chassis or similar.


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