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Techstatic Thermal Compound

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High performance thermal adhesive

Our high performance thermal adhesive provides a permanent mounting option for the Raspberry Pi CPU heat sink. It can naturally be used on any other product where high thermal conductivity and permanent mounting is required.

The compound is fully developed in house, main focus being thermal conductive performance. Features include:

  • Non conductive ceramic based compound: Unlike metal based adhesives, there is less risk of electronic components short circuiting even if the compound is misapplied.
  • High thermal conductivity: Offers similar if not better performance than leading products  in this category. Stay tuned for benchmarks!
  • Low odor: The compound has a very low odor contributing to its ease of use. Also the epoxy base is non-toxic, non-flammable and solvent free.


  • Mix equal amounts from both syringes labeled A and B using the provided wooden spatula.
  • Make sure the CPU/heat spreader top is clean. If needed, use rubbing alcohol or similar to remove the dirt.
  • Apply a small droplet of the mixed thermal compound to the CPU top.
  • Press the heat sink gently to the CPU top.
  • The adhesive will start to harden within a couple of hours and will be complete within a day (depending on temperature, thickness, etc)
  • Optional: You can add a small weight to the top of the heat sink to make sure it stays in place during the hardening process


The thermal adhesive is delivered in two syringes containing 1.5ml each, totaling 3ml mixed adhesive. A small wooden spatula is provided for mixing.


Even if the thermal compound is no-toxic and safe for home use there are some common sense precautions that one should observe:

  • Both compounds are very sticky before hardening. Please use precaution, preferably gloves, when handling and mixing the adhesive.
  • Wash with soap and water if the adhesive comes in contact with skin. Do not use any solvents to clean skin such as acetone or alcohol.
  • If adhesive comes in contact with eyes, flush with water repeatedly, do not rub, and seek medical attention.
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