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Summer update: Improved fan, adhesive and tape

We have taken a look at each and every component in our products and made several improvements that we're sure you will like.

  • A completely new and custom fan: After much testing and searching we realized that we needed a custom fan for our active cooler. There simply weren't anything of the shelf that has the right performance and longevity. Our new fan is has been customized to have the all the right characteristics for our coolers, combining low speed, a 7mm profile, low vibration and almost no noise.

  • Upgraded thermal tape: The tape from 3M has been replaced with a higher performance type from AOK Technologies, the AOK TCT120 has a thermal conductivity of 1.2W/m.k and more durable, making it possible to remove the heat sink and reattaching without ripping or damaging the tape.

  • Upgraded thermal adhesive formula: We have upgraded our thermal adhesive formula to perform even better. Thermal conductivity is improved, viscosity is lower making it easier to mix and apply the paste.
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